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Pressure Relief Dampers

High Pressure Performance Test < 1 second discharge

Designed to vent excess pressure in rooms caused by Fire Extinguishant Gas released by Fire Suppression Systems.

All high pressure Fire Suppression Systems such as Inergen, Argonite, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen based products can cause large spike or pulse pressure in sealed rooms. This pressure must be vented to atmosphere to prevent structural damage.

  • Up to 4 Hour Fire Rated to BS EN 1634-1 2008
  • Reference Standards BS ISO 14520 & BS EN 15004
  • Fire Resistance Classification to BS EN 13501-2-EW-120
  • Standard 6 year Warranty
  • Wall Sleeves and Adjustable Telescopic Ducts available
  • Optional Security Grilles and Weather Louvres
  • Ducted Versions available
  • Bespoke sizes and applications are available on request
  • Minimal Maintenance and Servicing

High Pressure Nitrogen/Argon Gas Relief Systems

pdf iconInert Gas PRD

Positive & Negative Pressure Relief for Synthetic Gas Systems

Dual flap pressure relief damper pdf iconDualflow PRD

High Pressure Gas Relief Systems for Offshore & Marine Environments

pdf iconDuplex ST PRD

High Pressure Gas Relief Systems with Combined Fire Integrity Section & Cat Flap

pdf iconDuplex MS PRD
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